, Eloma commercial ovens

Eloma commercial ovens

Eloma commercial ovens Eloma produce the highest quality ovens, made in Germany you can be assured of their efficiency and cooking effectiveness. Joker MT oven This is a compact oven with a width of only 52 cm. This commercial oven promotes flexibility and high performance in a confined space. It’s...

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, Orange juicers for sale

Orange juicers for sale

Orange Juicers for sale Zumex orange juicers come in a variety of ranges. The Essential Pro, The Versatile Pro, The Speed Pro, Multi-juicer and the Minex. The Minex Orange Juicer This elegant and innovative orange juicer comes in 12 different colours to suit your unique store arrangement. Its’ compact style...

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, Commercial Juicers

Commercial Juicers

Commercial Berry Juicers for sale The Zumex Multi juicer can juice any type of fruit. It is designed with commercial juicing output in mind. This juicer turns berries into a tasty glass of healthiness that your body craves. Berries are full of vitamin C and antioxidants which work to neutralize...

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, Rotisseries for sale

Rotisseries for sale

Rotisseries Caterline are proud to announce their partnership with Rotisol. Rotisol are the new chicken cooking equipment kids on the block but have made there mark internationally with innovative and energy efficient catering equipment in the form of rotisseries.   View their popular Millenium brochure by clicking red button below:...

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, Ice creams are sold every second during summer!

Ice creams are sold every second during summer!

Why sell Ice-cream? We all love ice-cream; especially during the summer. But, did you know.. The summer season promotes an unprecedented surge in ice-cream sales. The said that Ireland’s hand held ice cream consumption is higher than any other European country per capita. This makes the Irish the biggest...

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, Eloma Commercial Ovens

Eloma Commercial Ovens

Eloma Fresh Steam System Commercial ovens don’t get much better than Eloma’s oven range. Thanks to the Eloma fresh steam system you can use your combi steamer immediately without pre-heating it. This reduces your energy costs significantly. This intelligent system allows you to change modes at any time without waiting....

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, Commercial Ovens

Commercial Ovens

The Eloma Commercial Oven The Genuis Joker MT is suitable for all your kitchen cooking needs. This intelligent equipment can provide a summary of all meals which can be cooked together and has a multiple independent timer display for each tray! Baking, Roasting, Steaming no problem! The Joker does it...

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, Cooking equipment with an edge

Cooking equipment with an edge

  Cooking technology from Distform The Teck Therm Compact offers precision cooking at low temperatures and its small size delivers desirable versatility. It is a wonderful solution to your commercial cooking needs. Contact our team of specialist @ or +353 1 401 9011  

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, Ice cream machines

Ice cream machines

Ice-cream anyone? Look at this cool commercial ice cream station (pun intended). This is the popular concept currently displayed in many convenient stores and QSR around Ireland. It is a combination of Taylor ice-cream machines and the Vitamix mix’n machine. Add-ons include: blenders for Customised shakes + Mixer for Razzles...

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, Eloma Ovens – 4 features you didnt know!

Eloma Ovens – 4 features you didnt know!

Eloma Commercial oven features 4 features you didn’t know about Eloma; Chefs’ preferred oven. 1: Award winning energy efficiency & substantially less water consumption 2: Automatic door opening prevents pastry products being over-baked 3: Autoclean, the automatic cleaning system with for perfect cleaning results. Lower labour & chemical costs and...

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