Eloma Combi-Steamers


Key features

MT Technology: guarantees maximum safety when using Eloma combi-steamers. MT technology provides absolute hygiene and safe handling.

Innovative Features: control innovative functions via a comfortable touch screen.

Time-saving features: with the Quick Mode ASC, three suitable baking programs can be defined and restarted in parallel operation throughout the day. The Quick Mode ASC helps to avoid application errors, by defining these three suitable baking programs.

Long-lasting quality: Eloma products still run efficiently after ten or fifteen years. A clear statement against the throwaway mentality.




Finding the appropriate solutions for an optimum workflow is Eloma’s personal motivation. And, given that they always focus on the human element, they can develop user-friendly products which make your life as a professional easier.

Practical and reliable

State-of-the-art, intelligent, intuitive, innovative and in touch with your daily routine. This is the idea Eloma apply to develop their products.

Listening to the customer

Eloma aims to be a genuine partner for kitchen professionals and enablers. They reflect and question. Based on your input, Eloma draft new ideas and products which do exactly what you want: They work! As simply as possible. And as efficiently as possible.

Leaders in the industry

As a global leader for combi-steamers and bake-off ovens for the professional sector, Eloma does not regard themselves as merely an industrial company, but rather as craftsmen working for craftsmen.

Pioneers in sustainability

100% of Eloma’s packaging material is recyclable. In the same way, they select all suppliers based off criteria of sustainable production. The high-quality demands in their production are part of a sustainability strategy.


Talk to us

If you would like to know more about our Eloma range of combi steamers or would like a personal demonstration at our state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen showroom in Dublin, please contact us at +353 1 4019011 or email us at sales@caterline.ie.

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