ADANDE® Slimline Drawer Units

Adande Slimline Drawers can be installed as single units or in stacks, 2 and even 3 Drawers high, to suit the application.

Adande Slimline Drawers can be installed as single units or in stacks, 2 and even 3 Drawers high, to suit the application.

Slimline Drawers can also be combined with Standard Depth Drawers to create 2 and 3 stack units, giving designers a far wider range of finished height options.

All Slimline & Standard Drawer units can be fitted with solid worktops for use as a prep station, or with cover tops when required under-counter.


Multi purpose prep station providing point of use bulk for:

  • Meats & Seafoods
  • Pasta & Deli Foods
  • Pastries & Desserts
  • Frozen Storage next to Deep Fryer
  • General ‘Mise en place’
  • Garnish storage at the Pass


  • Works as a Fridge or Freezer
  • Cold air does not fall out every time the drawer is opened
  • Unrivalled temperature stability
  • Low Velocity Cooling system
  • Negligible ambient air attack
  • Bulk storage at the point of use
  • Removable insulated storage container
  • Seals hidden from view
  • Unique airflow design
  • Robust and reliable

The storage capacity of each Slimline Drawer is:

4 x 1/1 Gastronorm Pans
Configured 2 x 100 mm & 2 x 50 mm Deep.

VLS2 – 2 Stack Shallow Drawer Unit

  • 1100w x 700d mm Footprint
  • Will fit any void space under-counter from 700 to 785 mm


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