Taylor 736

Soft Serve Freezer. Single flavour, pump and heat Treatment.

The 736 is a countertop unit with freezing cylinder with great performance to meet the daily peak demands. It provides a daily heating and cooling cycle to safely maintain dairy products up to two weeks before a complete disassembly and cleaning is required.

Freezing Cylinder One, 2.1 quart (2 litre)
Mix Hopper and Pump One, 8.5 quart (8 litre). Refrigerated to maintain mix below 41°F (5°C) in Auto and Standby modes. Simplified gear pump allows the overrun regulation, improves the ice cream texture and reduces operator parts
Indicator Lights Double Mix low signals alert the operator to add mix. At the minimum level alert, the unit automatically goes into Standby mode to prevent damage.
LCD Controls Viscosity is continually measured to dispense soft serve desserts. Temperatures in the hopper or freezing cylinder may be displayed at any point of operation. History of temperatures and times during the last 400 heat cycles may be viewed from the display.
Electronic Control Two automatic programs: one for the production of soft ice cream and frozen yogurt, the other (patented) for the production of sorbet, frozen desserts and natural fruit-base ice cream, both with the possibility to set the ideal consistency level.
Technological Assistant The CTS system (patented) is a real electronic assistant, which prevents malfunctions, intervening in case of possible misuse by the operator.
Standby During long no-use periods, the standby feature maintains safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.
Door Interlock System Protects the operator from injury as the beater will not operate without the dispensing door in place.
Beater Stainless steel agitator with counter beater and removable scrapers.
Easy Installation Its compact size and the condenser on the side make it ideal for back counter installation in any location.
Serving Counts A specific function allows setting the serving counts.
Dispensing Flow Control Handle featuring an adjustable system for regulating the ice cream dispensing flow.


File Description File size Downloads
pdf 0736 Spec Sheet 433 KB 559


One dedicated electrical connection is required. See the Electrical chart for the proper electrical requirements. Manufactured to be permanently connected. Consult your local Taylor distributor for cord & receptacle specifications as local codes allow.

Beater Motor
One, 2 HP. (1500 W)

Refrigeration System
One, 5,040 BTU/hr. R404A.
(Evap. -23.3°C, cond. +45°C)

Air Cooled
Minimum 6” (150 mm) on both sides and 1” (25 mm) at rear.
Minimum air clearances must be met to ensure adequate air flow for optimum performance.

Weights lbs. kgs.
Net 273.4 124
Crated 339.5 154
Shipping Volume cu. ft. cu. m.
13.77 0.39
Dimensions in. mm.
Width 15-3/4 400
Depth (max) 30-7/16 773
Height (max) 35-3/4 908
Mounted on standard feet 4” high (102 mm).
Electrical Maximum Fuse Size Minimum Circuit Ampacity kW
380-415/50/3 10A 5.5 2.6